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Artist Neta Dor Lemelshtrich Israeli art historian and art critic, 2002

“With 'Metamorphoses', a series of around 50 computer drawings, Israeli artist Neta Dor Lemelshtrich has made a bold leap into the world of computers and digital technology. This is a surprising development in many ways. Not least because Dor has been primarily concerned with the production of traditional artistic prints of a romantic nature for over 20 years.

Dor quickly learned to appreciate the computer with its rich graphic programs offering a freedom and spontaneity unattainable with the medium of etching, where she had to pre-plan every detail. One of the many perks of working with this new medium, she says, is that she doesn't have to imagine every last detail of the final image and its impact. Dor almost revels in the element of surprise when something unpredictable appears on her screen.

She also seems to have discovered what Matisse once called the "passion for color". Accordingly, she has moved from the monochromatic or restrained color gamut that has characterized her etchings to more vibrant and varied forms of expression by developing an individual color palette that she can save and recall at any time. Additionally, the computer's ability to blend, blend, shrink, split, or multiply images and shapes on the spot has undoubtedly fueled Dor's creativity and added an exciting twist to her work."


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